hoopsAI helps a large financial institution enter the retail trading market via a trading app.

The Client

The client is a large, publicly-traded financial institution that wanted to expand its offering by entering the retail market.

The Business Challenge

The client wanted to attract retail customers by providing an app that would not only allow mobile trading but also keep traders informed through relevant content, such as market news and analysis.

The Best-Fit Solution

After evaluating various solutions for providing content and trading ideas, the financial institution found that the hoopsAI platform could be perfectly customized to their needs. With the AI, machine learning and NLP (Natural Language Processing) technologies that power the hoopsAI content platform, the client would be able to provide retail traders multiple offerings, including real-time market overviews, personalized watchlists, and single asset updates. They could also showcase their promotions and differentiators.

Within 6 months of launching their services in the retail market, with support from hoopsAI, the client was able to leave the competition behind in terms of new acquisitions, with 50,000 new accounts being opened.

Today, they are generating more than 150,000 unique research articles each month to power their retail customers to make informed trading decisions.