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As a marketer I was searching for a way to provide traders real-time market news and updates. hoopsAI offered me exactly that - effortless and simple and so helpful anytime I had questions. 


hoopsAI personal AI analyst supports our traders through out their journey with us,  prompting their interest in the markets, while educating and providing market updates in real time. 

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IBI Investment House

As a leader in our market we wanted to give our clients the best possible experience. hoopsAI are a key part of our stand out offering, providing a personal and professional service.

IBI Investment House
Read Use Cases.

How it works

Our proprietary, patent-pending technology combines the power of Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) with social and traditional media analysis to parse through millions of datapoints and convert raw data into meaningful, real-time, natural language-based content. What you receive are unique up-to-the-minute, news stories, insights, price quotes, research, trading ideas, and much more, tailored to the needs of your clients. With the entire process being automated, there’s no need for human intervention, which means the highest possible speed, lower costs and prevention of human error.

See it in action

Embed our widget on your website now and try out generation and distribution of on-demand content, personalized to the needs of individual clients, including real-time market overview, research, analysis and insights. Sample coverage for unlimited assets, including stocks, forex, cryptocurrency, commodities and much more. Every piece of content is original, relevant and accurate.

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