As a team of NBA enthusiasts, we started hoopsAI in 2019 with the intention of creating the first ever AI sports personal commentator. By early 2020 we struck a deal with the NBA and launched our in-game AI based commentator and reporter. Just as we were getting started we were hit with the news that the NBA would suspend the season over the coronavirus pandemic. However, as Kobe Bryant, the NBA legend said - everything negative is an opportunity to rise. We regrouped, and with our extensive history in the financial services sector, we pivoted our technology to serve the world of the financial markets. Seeing the growth of investors and traders we realized the need for real-time, relevant, personal and enlightening updates, headlines and insights. After a few months we had our first client, a stock broker that added our technology into their trading app, offering a personal and engaging experience for their clients. Today we are working with financial services, banks and brokers around the world, giving their clients knowledge, insights and reasons to trade. And the name? we’re still hoopsAI. Shooting for success, pivoting towards new technology and embracing change.

What we do

Our patent pending technology applies NLP and machine learning to automatically generate insights, headlines, market research and analysis. Only the most relevant information is streamed individually to each user, based on their context, role or use.

By creating an automated and customized experience, we provide the most relevant content for investors and traders. Embedding our technology into trading apps and websites, banks and brokers are able to engage better with their clients.

With the power of NLG, we can quickly and accurately transform knowledge and data into narratives that are easy to consume. The content can be personalized to each investor and trader, and delivered in real-time, without the need for human intervention. In fact, businesses can choose their channels including in-app notifications, email, social media, messaging and more. This can help financial firms build an effective communication strategy that connects with customers on the platform of their choice and displays a deep understanding of their needs.

All it takes is a simple API integration on a company’s website to deliver real-time and personal insights, updates and information to attract, convert and retain clients.

Our Values


Innovation is at the core of everything we do. We aim to introduce the latest technologies to solve everyday challenges and drive business growth.


We are committed to excellence in everything we do. And the learning journey for us is one that never stops.


It is important for us that our team acts with integrity. We strive for complete openness and transparency in our relationships and interactions.


We aim for long-lasting relationships. This is why we continue to support our clients through the entire lifecycle of our products.