hoopsAI helps an Australian broker build engagement and encourage trading.

The Client

The client is a leading regulated Australian brokerage that offers real-time online trading through its website, mobile site and mobile trading app.

The Business Challenge

To maintain its leadership position in the market, the client was looking for an effortless way to provide traders real-time market news and updates. They also wanted a way to support their traders through trading tickets for prompt and efficient responses.

The Best-Fit Solution

The hoopsAI platform proved to be the perfect solution for the client. We customized our platform based on the assets that the client wanted to provide market news for and the relevant regions they wanted to receive information from. With our input they were able to create a dynamic live update interface on their trading platform, for all their assets.

Today, the Australian broker offers more than 5,000 unique articles a day, covering asset price movements, trends, fundamental data and technical analysis. As a result, their clients have access to the latest market information to support their trading decisions.

The unique software sifts through millions of datasets online to collect raw data, which is then converted into meaningful, natural language-based articles for easy reading by traders. This has helped the Australian broker enhance client engagement and improve retention.