What does the IBI SMART trading app give compared to others?

What does the IBI SMART trading app give compared to others?

The IBI SMART application provides independent traders in the capital market with relevant information in real time at no extra cost and in an easy and convenient interface, thereby providing a snapshot alongside tools for making smart decisions. What new features have been added and how will they affect your trading experience?
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The IBI SMART application provides independent traders in the capital market with relevant information in real time at no extra cost and in an easy and convenient interface, thereby providing a snapshot alongside tools for making smart decisions. What new features have been added and how will they affect your trading experience?

Yishai Mizrahi

Independent trading desk at the stock exchange

This time it's different. Sir John Templeton, a great investor and founder of the investment fund bearing his name, which currently manages over 600 billion dollars, previously said that the three most dangerous words in the investment world are "this time it's different". He was referring to those moments when traders in the stock market act out of a gut feeling and not in a rational and calculated manner, but of course he did not know that the same words can take on a different meaning in the modern investment world and in an era of groundbreaking technological developments that would justify the sentence - this time it is definitely different. And we stand behind every word. You are invited to get to know the innovative trading application in Israel IBI Smart.

The IBI SMART trading application , the first of its kind in Israel, was developed by the independent trading department, IBI TRADE , out of a desire to create a dramatic improvement in the user experience and with the aim of bringing together all the most advanced information, functions, features and developments that the trading world has to offer. The application allows access to a huge database of financial information, which is received continuously and in real time in Hebrew and English, so that users for the first time benefit from ongoing exposure to all happenings in the market and accordingly the ability to respond immediately to any development.

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This ability is possible, among other things, due to the cooperation between IBI TRADE and the global hoopsAI system, which is embedded in the application and continuously provides reports, articles, market reviews, stakeholder movements, macro data and other elements that provide the most up-to-date supporting information regarding the various investment assets. This system joins TipRanks , which is also present in the application, and aggregates thousands of investment recommendations and stock coverage from leading analysts in the world, as an additional layer for locating opportunities and the accuracy of investment decisions.

This advantage actually enhances the traders' abilities and makes important information accessible, alongside an advanced set of tools, which until now were mainly reserved for institutional bodies that used the most sophisticated systems. At the same time, this element also creates a significant gap compared to the other trading platforms that exist today in the market, since these often do not provide exposure to necessary and relevant information, and as a result, embody a disadvantage for traders who wish to be updated and react quickly to changes in the market, especially when dynamism has become the name of the game in the investment world.

Two new features developed to further simplify the trading experience: creating personal alerts on stock performance and searching for stocks using a scanner that includes filters for precise filtering. They join daily posts on the market situation, sending abbreviated instructions and more. 

Changes that have taken place in the last two years are highlighted in the application

The thinking behind the development of the application is also designed to provide an adequate response to the massive changes that have occurred in the tastes of retail customers following the Corona virus. These customers are considered technology-savvy and accordingly request a convenient, productive and advanced approach to trading. For example, among other things, opening an account is carried out in a simple and easy digital procedure within the application, similar to the possibility of applying for credit to leverage investment funds. Receiving service and support from the trade representatives is also done through the interface during all trading hours (Israel and the USA) and guarantees a quick and efficient response, without the need to use or switch to another means.

Alongside this, from now on watching online tutorials and lectures (Webinar) take place in the application itself and are provided as added value for independent traders who wish to get to know the investment world better, learn about new trends, interesting developments, investment instruments and more.

A combination of an exceptional trading experience and the lowest fees in the market

To date, entities that are not considered banks (private brokers) have offered some of the lowest trading fees in the market, but lagged behind in terms of the technological infrastructure and trading systems, which provided a lukewarm user experience to customers, and in fact missed the goal of creating a comprehensive solution for independent traders. The first IBI SMART to provide both - an advanced trading application that includes technological innovations that do not exist in any of the parallel trading systems and at the same time, to maintain the attractiveness in relation to the trading fees offered to all customers.

This means that the low fees that have been customary until today remain at their low level without any change. These emphasize once again the gap between the banks and IBI SMART, when comparing trading fees may reflect differences of tens or even hundreds of percent to the detriment of the banks. As mentioned, this advantage is preserved also within the framework of using the application and beyond that, the merchants enjoy free advanced services which in some cases until now involved additional costs (real-time information and more).

The benefits are also hidden behind the scenes

The development of the application was carried out by an array of in-house programmers of IBI Beit Investments, which embodies a fundamental advantage in the absence of dependence on an external body. This is not just a technical matter but an important ability of IBI to have complete control over the application - flexibility in responding to customer requests, room for maneuver in relation to continuous changes and above all, consistent updating of the application versions (as is customary with the leading modern applications in the world) in order to perfect and optimize the trading experience.

This advantage also enables monitoring and immediate response to global innovations in terms of technologies, software and plugins that improve the trading experience in the system as well as the ability to implement them in short periods of time, with the aim that these will ensure superiority and the preservation of the relative advantage of the application's users against the other competitors in the market.

Bottom line, IBI TRADE, the independent trading activity arm of the stock exchange member IBI, stands at the forefront of the world of independent trading and brings for the first time in Israel IBI SMART, a trading application that redefines the rules of the game and guarantees a user experience and technological innovation that you have not yet known, this in addition to trading commissions from the lowest in the market.

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The above does not constitute investment consulting/marketing and/or a substitute for investment marketing and/or tax consulting that takes into account the particular data and needs of each person and/or an offer to purchase securities. The information presented is for information only and is not a substitute for advice that takes into account the data and the special needs of each person. The above should not be seen as an IBI commitment to obtain any return. Joining IBI SMART and/or IBI TRADE is subject to the company's terms and conditions.

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